The latest Saci Project news: the self-supporting wooden sanitizing Totem and the Frames with Separè.

The new furniture components by Saci Project have arrived.


Sanitizing totem

Totem dispenser: white finish, colored or natural wood effect.
Base in two versions: with straight or shaped edges.


Size:                 46cm x 46cm x 150cm
Weight:            25 kg
Material:         Eco-friendly wood
Color:              Natural wood or white
Assembly:      Assembled
Optional:        Brandable

– Hand sanitizing gel holder
– Shelf for PPE kit
– Basket compartment

Frame with transparent plexiglass infill

4,5 x 4,5 cm frame with transparent plexiglass infill:

Stand size:       56cm x 180cm / 96cm x 180cm
Weight:             5 kg
Material:          Eco-friendly wood
Color:               Natural wood / White impregnating agent
Assembly:        Assembled
Optional:         Wheels with brake

– Graphic plexiglass
– Customizable dimensions on request


Frames with separè

12 cm wide frame with graphics on plexiglass, ideal for commercial spaces, shops, public lounges, studios:

Size: 96cmx180cm/190 cm
customizable measures on request

Weight:             10 kg
Material:           Eco-friendly wood
Color:                Natural wood
Assembly:         Assembled


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