Mafi Srl

BAUMA 2022 

In the vibrant heart of Bauma, Mafi Srl stands out for its dynamic and innovative presence. With an eye-catching design, Mafi Srl has created a booth that is a true manifesto of their corporate philosophy: functionality and style merge in a harmony of colors and shapes.

The semi-open glass office invites visitors into a space of transparency and communication, where ideas meet and the company’s vision becomes clear. The discreet yet essential storage space represents Mafi Srl’s attention to order and efficiency, while the expo area showcases products with an intuitive and interactive display.

The reception area is the company’s calling card: a warm and inviting environment where the corporate colors, blue and yellow, blend into a fully graphic design that captures the gaze and invites dialogue.

In a small booth, Mafi Srl has managed to create a functional microcosm dedicated to business, demonstrating that even in a contained space, great ideas can be expressed. With such a personalized stand, Mafi Srl not only presents itself at Bauma but tells a story of success, innovation, and attention to detail.

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