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and services.

Driven by passion, our contract division designs functional spaces with the right furnishing components to create environments that do not just satisfy your needs but go beyond. In fact, our service is not limited to the simple supply of furnishing accessories. Our team of highly specialized designers creates all-round habitability experiences, taking care of your space in every aspect, from stylistic to environmental, scrupulously respecting the expected delivery times.

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Details make a project memorable. We design and create our furnishing accessories with particular care, especially in the choice of materials, rigorously sustainable from a circular economy perspective, inspired by an environmentally friendly production model. Elegance, functionality, sustainability. These are the Saci Projects furnishings.

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Dividing and
equipped walls.

To delimit space and define it at the same time, our partition and equipped walls solve your interior and exhibition spaces. Complete with customized graphics if necessary, our walls are made with the best materials for a solid, functional and design result.

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Frontier spaces that transform free areas into defined environments. This is the role of building envelopes which, thanks to the use of walls, furnishings and above all the design of light designed to be a real sensory experience, delimit your space making it functional and communicative.

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We illuminate
your projects.

The concept of light integrates today with IoT.
Lighting and communication work in synergy to give new value to locations and products. Innovative technologies redefine the concept of lighting as a source of light and project the user into a highly personalized environment. Brand and product are main characters connected to the environment and people, also through light. Your device can connect to and download information directly from the surrounding lighting system. The space becomes immersive. Design, beauty, culture and innovation come together in a single communication system.

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Food and Innovation.

In a world where e-commerce is conquering more and more areas of the market, “physical” retail is attempting its relaunch with innovative proposals. Cross channel, namely the liquid transition between offline and online, Greentailing (attention to green), Human Tech, customization and open innovation, are the strengths of this new approach to retail. Our constant search for all forms of innovation in the design of environments could not fail to involve us in this revolution. Flagship stores are an example. The creation of stimulating retail spaces integrated with technology represents the new concept where you can experiment with innovative solutions in highly engaging environments.

Totem dispenser, Frames with dividers and spacing devices

In a particular period like this, safety comes first. This is why Saci Project has created furnishings, equipment and devices designed specifically to protect your health, thus facilitating all activities, both private and public.

In places where social distancing and personal sanitation are essential for carrying out daily activities, Saci Project furniture components come into play, designed to be functional, but also leaving room for aesthetics and your creativity.

Functionality, safety and design: all at an unbeatable price.

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