Process management

Thanks to the integrated complete supply chain we can guarantee the management of the realization of your event with maximum flexibility.

Our services

  1. Executive planning
  2. Warehouse and storage
  3. Carpentry and integrated production
  4. Painting and lacquering
  5. Preparation of pre-production materials
  6. Assembly
  7. Post-production quality control
  8. Packaging
  9. Stand transport
  10. Product transport
  11. Stand and graphics assembly
  12. Product assembly
  13. Stand cleaning
  14. Disassembly

Our Design Office internally processes all the production executives, as well as the assembly drawings for the teams, directly coordinating all the set-up operations.

Our Art Director with expert collaborators in the various fields of communication will take care of the conception and effectiveness of your communication, even coordinated with your internal and external consultants.

Our Project Manager will take care of all the processes in the supply chain, allowing you to manage the fair experience or the event, from the definition of the layout to delivery, with a single contact.

We directly carry out set-ups and events all over the world, we manage assembly, disassembly and storage services of structures and equipment, to always guarantee timing, efficiency and results. Attention to detail and attention to your product are the fundamental principles for us, to which we devote all our attention and professionalism.

Integrated Services.

Participation in an event and the creation of exhibition spaces always requires the correct management of integrative processes as well.

Management of relations with the host institution.
Our partnership actualizes in supporting you in compiling and managing all the paperwork relating to the services provided and to be requested from the host institution in the preliminary phase. Some examples: electrical, water, compressed air connections, data line hangers, network wiring and requests regarding access control management services or internet devices.

Management of safety and hygiene practices.
Our technicians will support you and help you in all the administrative phases of your trade fair event, such as in the compilation, management and sending of practices regarding technical documentation on safety, structural verification, certification and testing of the setting up and other structures. In verifying any requests or certifications necessary for the installation of your machinery, the management and coordination of delivery logistics with the fair body. In the compilation of the technical layouts in case of food and drink administration, for which the verifications and approvals of the territorially competent bodies are required.

Additional services.

Rental of special design furniture.
We can provide contemporary and modern design furnishings to make your spaces unique and personalized.

Optional supplies.
We provide you with all the support you need for any need. From the rental of specific technical equipment, household appliances, catering equipment, to the rental of multimedia equipment, highly automated devices, safety and sanitation devices.

Catering service at the fair.
We organize both minimal catering services with finger food, snacks and mignon pastries, up to the management of service with hot dishes delivered already cooked or with preparation on site.

Catering services at your company.
If the event moves to your company, we can set up catering services and organize events and entertainment at your company, managing all stages of preparation, installation and service to make your event simply perfect.

Hostess & Steward.
For trade fairs, conferences and meetings.