Virtual Booth.

Virtual Booth is a new personalized experience. Be at the fair today and tomorrow. This is the market challenge. Participating in an event is always an immersive experience where contacts, relationships, suggestions and visions are the focus of your event. Being able to anticipate, postpone or extend this experience becomes a very effective tool for the development of your marketing activity. A virtual booth is a Product-oriented tool at the disposal of the final customer, an interactive virtualization of the real experience of the presentation of your product always available on your website or on your communication channel.



– Virtual booth with the insertion of the real product visible in a 360° tour.
– Virtual booth with virtualization of the product in 3D rendering visible on a 360° tour.
– Storytelling creation.
– Creative communication.
– Multimedia interaction.
– 3D animations.
– Online configurators.
– Video in Motion Graphics.