Virtual Museum.


Virtual Museum, the possibility to immerse yourself in the history and culture of communities and times that for many people could never be reachable in a real way, represent a frontier of infinite potential or opportunities.



Globalized cultural diffusion, elimination of physical and temporal barriers, opportunities to know and experiment while remaining within one’s own domestic space. This and much more are the Virtual Museums.



The only multiple solutions. Virtual tours such as online interactive maps, 360° interactive photographic virtual tours, sharing of image galleries, banks of 3D scans. Numerous platforms allow you to view tours with dedicated devices or with any device to make your experience unique and personal.



The history of the Virtual Museum has enriched today thanks to the insertion and interaction of the online guide that allows the visitor to walk through the museum space guided and informed as during a real guided tour with the possibility of interactions.



The great potential of this tool together with our expertise in Storytelling, creative communication, technological knowledge in the use of VR / AR augmented reality visualization tools and collaboration with museum curators, allow us to make the museum visit an experience of great growth. Viewing the work accompanied by informational contributions, videos and space-time contextualizations, also allows the visitor to place the work in time and space and understand all the socio-cultural implications related to the birth of the work itself. The frontier of culture opens its doors to everyone.