Virtual Product.

Developing a virtual VPD product means transferring the world of the tangible and real product into the world of the non-physical and non-real product. The uses of VPDs are multiple and they require the involvement of specific professionalism connected in the world of the Web. Designers sellers and buyers meet on the web to create a trading based on a value chain, as Michael Porter defined it in 1985. The versatility of a product that is not real or of a service that can be modified and customized in a quick and multifunctional way allows you to reach a solution in a shorter time or performances that the real product would achieve with significantly higher costs and times. Immersing yourself in this reality radically changes the development perspective of your business as well.


VPD components

4 main reference components have been defined over time:

1 – Virtual design, the product made visible thanks to the use of software and 2D and 3D graphic display systems.
2 – Product virtualization.
3 – Marketing process virtualization.
4 – Production and assembly process virtualization.