Visual, institutional and product communication.

Your brand wants to
communicate: listen to it

and Coordinated Image.

Without imagination, the brand has no soul. Without a study, it has no structure. By combining imagination, study and creativity, the true identity of the brand is born in all its forms, starting from the creation of the brand logo and coordinated image.

We expect only the best from our group of creatives: the values, mission and personality of your company will be well represented by the image we will offer you. A clear and immediate language, the choice of a characteristic font, the creation of representative graphic elements, all the enhancement of the image goes through Saci Project.

and catalogs.

In an almost purely digital world, the printed paper has become something even more precious and personal, because it is tangible. Touching a brochure in which a story is written, your story, or browsing a product catalog full of details gives you a perception that digital can never give: the concreteness.

For this reason, in addition to venturing into the frenetic digital world, we have chosen to stop for a moment and also give space to company literature that continues to live by giving us emotions. After a careful study of the brand, we will proceed to develop all stages of processing: from the development of creative cover layouts to the coordination of materials, up to the photoshoot. The finished product will give further value to your brand identity and will be an important part of your brand story.


Dressing up your product means sewing a visual identity on it that fits perfectly, just like a tailored suit. Packaging must not only be aesthetically appealing, but also efficient. It must represent your brand and be immediately recognizable, both on the shelf and online, without neglecting the importance of the choice of material which must combine sustainability with the specific needs of the product and its conservation.

That’s the reason why we take care of designing the structure of the packaging, studying the most suitable material and giving your product a packaging that enhances it in every aspect, making it an icon in the eyes of the consumer. Whether it’s a food product package or an elegant luxury package, Saci Project will design and create packaging that truly represents your product. Once on the shelf, the customer can do only one thing: choose it.


The idea is the beating heart of an integrated campaign. And with every beat, the creative idea becomes stronger until it becomes an incisive, effective marketing campaign, ready to hit the targets in synergy with all the communication channels suitable for its dissemination. Because the life of a brand is in the integration with everything that surrounds it.

Saci Project structures communication strategies that have heart, that excite, that break through the customer’s mind and that remain there, unforgettable. Make people talk about your brand and talk about it well, conveying your message wherever your brand wishes to reach.

We add logic to creativity both in the contents of the campaign and in the choice of the most suitable media channels for its diffusion, analyzing the target audience. The result will be a unique, effective, memorable integrated campaign, capable of achieving marketing targets and, at the same time, of writing a new chapter of your brand identity, in continuity with the path that has led you up to here. Coherence, creativity, strategy. This is the essence of an integrated Saci Project campaign.

Web sites
and E-Commerce

The design and creation of websites and E-Commerce involve the entire Saci Project team. Creatives and developers work in synergy to structure a website that satisfies the user experience by translating the personality of your brand into the content of interest to your audience. Because we do not only create aesthetically appealing sites, but also functional and sales-oriented in order to offer your user the best possible digital experience.

Our website design and creation service and E-Commerce embrace all stages of processing: from the analysis of the objectives to the conceptual insights, from the strategic analyzes on which to set up the project, up to the online technical assistance and the management of server and hosting. But our work does not end once your site is put online: in fact, we will also take care of every phase of updating and integrating content, because, in this journey towards the success of your brand, you will have to keep changing. And we will be by your side.

Media Marketing.

Good communication puts people first. This is what your company has to do: go digital, talk to people, make them identify with its values ​​and create a community around the brand that becomes a brand ambassador. This is why we offer a Social Media Marketing service that involves the user thanks to inspired and inspirational content that we will define in our creative and content strategy. All our communication projects are born thinking first of all of you, the people who are part of your company and your end-user. For this reason, with our social media marketing service, we design creative and captivating contents organized in an ad hoc editorial plan and manage the social pages of your company in every aspect, from the publication of posts to the moderation of comments, up to the sponsorship of contents to reach a wide and always new audience

e Newsletter

We take care that your customers always stay up to date on your news, so we take care of the creation and management of Dems and Newsletters.

In particular, we will handle the planning of the outputs, the graphic and textual design of the contents, the management of the mailing and privacy. Saci Project will oversee every aspect of your newsletter and company Dem, which will translate into concrete results thanks to the profiling of specific targets and the use of precise databases.


Increase brand awareness and take care of your web reputation. These are fundamental actions for the success of your business.

Precisely for this reason, Saci Project is specialized in the design of SEO and SEM campaigns, in remarketing, in the creation of AdWords campaigns, Display,  video, the definition of KPIs and data analysis with periodic monitoring and reports. All actions that will allow your company to grow and position itself on search engines.