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Sharing of innovative technologies available on the market and evaluation of the most suitable solutions for the project aimed at enhancing a product or environment.


Study of natural and artificial light in the environment, evaluation of the illuminance index with scientific technologies and chromatic simulation of the solutions, to allow a highly performing result, both in terms of quality, quantity and type of light.

IoT and automation.

Sharing of the human-environment performance’s interaction project and evaluation of sharing technologies.

Available technologies.


Extension to “things” of the internet’s benefits. It allows objects to interact with other objects and people digitally.

Home Automation. Interdisciplinary science that deals with improving the quality of anthropized environments through the study of technologies.

Lighting control.

Set of tools and operations aimed at increasing the efficiency, optimization and usage of the lighting system.

Remote Control.

Remote management and monitoring of consumption, planning of lighting management, remote programming and maintenance.
Why integrate innovative technologies into the lighting system? Essentially, because it is already connected to the electrical system, easy to integrate with the communication systems, invisible and widespread in all rooms. Retail, offices, Industry, Hospitality, Museums, areas of historical and naturalistic interest, Health & Care are the main sectors of application.

Light in retail.

Light affects our mood. Studies have always shown how light can affect our psycho-physical state and affect our well-being and our behavior.
Light in retail spaces is essentially divided into ambient light and display light. The first guarantees uniform brightness without evident contrasts, the second, used to emphasize the product, is characterized by the definition of specific areas that focus the visitor’s attention or highlight particular product details.
Different types of Retail have specific needs and, therefore, require different solutions and choices. Today the most widely used technology is the LED, where color temperature, luminous flux and color rendering are the fundamental characteristics for making the first choice.
Secondly, the type of lighting body and its functions, flexibility adjustability, high light performance, versatility of the range and availability of different color temperatures.
Finally, the possibility of customizing the type of installation, external or embedded, the light performances, the freedom of choice, thanks to the use of tracks or responsive structures (even in magnetic solutions) make the design of the Light one of the most delicate and important phases of the design of Retail space.

Light and well-being.

Workplaces and other environments require increasingly efficient solutions, to make the stay inside them more comfortable and healthier. HCL or Human Center Light is the science that studies biologically effective light, namely, it reproduces the natural light of the sun indoors to improve the quality of life and well-being of people.
If the light temperature and illuminance are correctly dosed, artificial light can give support and well-being to people. This ability to regulate, known as Tunable White, plays a fundamental role today, also in the design of hybrid environments where natural and artificial light merges to create living well-being.