Cosmoprof Worldwide 2022

Cosmoprof Worldwide 2022

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2022: Innovation, Trends, and Products

The Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2022 event, a flagship for the global beauty industry, celebrated its 2022 edition with enthusiasm. As a beacon of innovation and excellence, Cosmoprof provided a platform for companies and professionals from various cosmetic sectors to connect, explore trends, and unveil revolutionary products. Let’s delve into the highlights of this extraordinary event.

Participants and Attendance

In 2022, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna welcomed over 220,000 participants from 144 countries, who gathered in Bologna to discover the latest industry developments. The event hosted more than 2,700 exhibitors representing 70 countries. This impressive global gathering underscores the enduring appeal and reach of Cosmoprof.

Key Trends

Cosmoprof 2022 showcased several key trends shaping the beauty landscape:

  1. Biome Mania: The microbiome, an emerging star in skincare, influenced beauty trends at Cosmoprof. Products like Amtixbio’s Plant Probiotic Balance Ampoule from South Korea harnessed fermented extracts to enhance skin protection and balance. Italy’s Eldan Cosmetics and South Korea’s JC People Co. also contributed innovative solutions for skin health.

  2. Hair M-D: Amid pandemic-induced stress, maintaining healthy hair became essential. Brands like Nuggela & Sulé from Spain offered treatments to accelerate hair growth, regenerate bald areas, and increase density.

  3. Skin Reset: Products addressing skin health and rejuvenation took center stage. Italy’s VITA AGE introduced the Pre+Probiotic by OFI, restoring skin balance and pH

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2022: Innovation, Trends, and Revolutionary Products

The Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2022 event shone with its novelties, cutting-edge advancements, and technology. These three pillars defined the event, making it an unmissable occasion for industry professionals. Here are some of the most intriguing innovations presented:

  1. Color Wear by Alfaparf Milano: This vegan line offers patented technology based on arginine, featuring 100 different shades to meet all coloring needs. Its 360-degree tone-on-tone approach is revolutionary.

  2. Olaplex® No.9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum: Distributed by ADI s.r.l., this silicone-free serum protects hair from damage and pollution. Its patented bond-building technology enhances, perfects, and preserves hair health.

  3. Davines: This brand stands out for its selection of high-quality ingredients and commitment to biodiversity. Their range of professional products caters to every hair type while ensuring environmental care.

  4. Nashi Argan: Offering a complete range of products for professionals, Nashi Argan promotes healthy and nourished hair. Their versatility makes them suitable for all needs, and they are also official partners of the Beauty Social Forum, an event dedicated to online communication for hairstylists.

These innovations reflect the beauty industry’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, opening new perspectives for the future

Jaguar UST Gmbh | cosmoprof 2022 metacrilato nero lucido e pannellatura a specchio

The stands set up at Cosmoprof 2022 were a celebration of creativity, design, and innovation. Each brand sought to capture visitors’ attention with unique and captivating solutions. Let’s take a closer look at the details of some participants’ stands:


Tondeo’s setup focused on simplicity and elegance. Clean lines, high-quality materials, and a functional layout made the stand welcoming and professional.

Jaguar (United Salon Technologies GmbH):

Jaguar opted for a modern design, using glossy black acrylic. Customized technical solutions facilitated product management and storage, ensuring optimal visibility of professional equipment for visitors.

Focus (United Salon Technologies GmbH):

Focus’s stand proudly displayed the “Made in Italy” label. High-quality materials, meticulous finishes, and a welcoming layout created an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Cumbo Srl:

Cumbo emphasized the craftsmanship and elegance of their products. Natural materials, natural lighting, and an open layout invited visitors to explore their creations.

Ponzini Spa:

Ponzini Spa presented an institutional stand with impeccable finishes. Despite the passage of time, the stand maintained its original beauty, showcasing attention to detail and the quality of their products.

In summary, the stands set up by Saci Project for Tondeo, Jaguar, Focus, Cumbo, and Ponzini Spa embodied excellence, innovation, and aesthetics in the cosmetic industry at Cosmoprof 2022. These spaces provided an ideal venue for conducting business and discovering the latest market trends.

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