Transpotec Logitec 2024

Transpotec Logitec 2024

Transpotech Logitec 2024: Logistics and Transport Innovation

Transpotech Logitec 2024 is a significant event in the logistics and transportation sector that will take place in Milan from May 8 to 11, 2024. This exhibition represents a unique opportunity for exhibitors to present their innovative solutions, for visitors to discover the latest trends, and for industry experts to share knowledge and perspectives.

Historical Notes

Transpotech Logitec has a successful history dating back several years. Its first edition was held in 2000, and since then it has grown steadily in terms of participation and relevance. Over the years, the fair has hosted thousands of exhibitors and attracted tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Exhibitors’ Participation

Transpotech Logitec 2024 will see the participation of over 300 exhibitors from different areas of logistics and transportation. Companies will present their innovative solutions, from tracking and goods management systems to automation and robotics technologies. There will also be logistics service providers, transport companies, and commercial vehicle manufacturers.

Key Themes of Interest

Let’s see which themes will be the focus during the event:

Tracking Systems

Logistics traceability is essential to identify the different stages that products or packages go through from the factory or warehouse to the final customer. During Transpotech Logitec 2024, advanced solutions for goods tracking will be presented:

  • Tracing: This process allows identifying the origin point from which a product comes. It is useful for monitoring the origin and history of goods.
  • Tracking: It focuses on the path of goods from the point of origin to the destination. Technologies such as barcodes, RFID tags, and GPS sensors allow real-time tracking of goods.

Goods Management

The management of goods in the warehouse is crucial to control and optimize the flow of materials and products. During the fair, innovative solutions for efficient goods management will be presented:

  • FIFO (First In, First Out): A widespread method that provides that the first goods to enter the warehouse are the first to leave. Suitable for perishable goods with an expiration date or temporal value, such as food or pharmaceutical products.
  • LIFO (Last In, First Out): The opposite method to FIFO, where the last goods to enter are the first to leave. Suitable for non-perishable goods, such as construction materials or metals.
  • FEFO (First Expired, First Out): Similar to FIFO, but based on the expiration date of goods. Suitable for perishable products with variable expiration dates, such as chemicals or pharmaceuticals.

Automation and Robotics Technologies

Robotics and automation are revolutionizing warehouses. During Transpotech Logitec 2024, advanced solutions will be presented:

  • Robots in Logistics: These autonomous systems automate flows and areas with automatic warehouses. They guarantee 24/7 performance and safety for the goods and operators. They help reduce costs and errors.
  • Miniload Stackers: Logistic robots to speed up the movement of containers. They optimize goods management and improve overall efficiency.

In conclusion, Transpotech Logitec 2024 will be an unmissable opportunity to discover the latest innovations in tracking systems, goods management, and logistics automation.

Fair Program Themes

The main themes of the fair program include:

  • Sustainability: Logistics and transportation are facing environmental challenges. The fair will explore eco-sustainable solutions, such as electric vehicles, zero-emission logistics, and recyclable packaging.
  • Automation and Artificial Intelligence: Technology is revolutionizing the sector.

Market Trends and Sector Economy

The logistics and transportation sector is experiencing steady growth. The demand for logistic services is increasing thanks to e-commerce, globalization, and the need for ever-faster shipments. However, challenges such as city congestion and energy efficiency require innovative solutions.

Design Trends of the Exhibits

The setups at Transpotech Logitec 2024 will reflect innovation and functionality. The stands will be characterized by modern designs, sustainable materials, and interactive technologies. The goal is to create an engaging and informative space for exhibitors and visitors.

Scheduled Events

Transpotech Logitec 2024 will be an event rich in content and learning opportunities. During the event, there will be conferences, meetings, and workshops involving industry experts, professionals, and interested participants. Here are some details:


  • Opening: The transportation of goods and people between the present and the future. This conference will be held on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, from 10:15 to 11:30 in Pavilion 10, Green Hall and will be a moment of reflection on the challenges and opportunities of the sector.
  • Other conferences are planned for the following days, offering insights on key themes related to logistics and transportation.


  • In addition to the conferences, there will be driving tests (test drives) in perfectly equipped external areas adjacent to the pavilions hosting the event. These tests will allow participants to directly experience innovative vehicles and technologies.

Thematic Focus:

  • The fair will address themes such as sustainability, automation, urban logistics, and innovation in the transportation and logistics sector.

In summary, Transpotech Logitec 2024 will not only offer business opportunities but also spaces for learning and discussion for all participants.

Connessione, innovazione, evoluzione della logistica

An Integrated Platform

Transpotech Logitec 2024 is an event that offers an integrated platform of business and content at 360 degrees for the development of the transport and logistics sector. Although there are no specific details on practical robotics demonstrations, the event will cover a wide range of topics, including innovation, safety, energy transition, and impact on urban mobility.

However, during the fair, in addition to conferences and meetings, there will be driving tests (test drives) in perfectly equipped external areas adjacent to the pavilions hosting the event. These tests will allow participants to directly experience innovative vehicles and technologies.

These tests will enable participants to directly experience heavy vehicles and, during the weekend, the area will be enlivened by METS, the large gathering organized by Truck Look. METS will show how, thanks to the customization of interiors and exteriors, each vehicle can become unique.

While specific robotics demonstrations are not explicitly mentioned, there may be the opportunity to see robotic solutions integrated into vehicles or logistic processes during these test drives.

test drive transpotec logitec 2024

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