Vinitaly 2024

Vinitaly 2024

Vinitaly 2024: A Record-Breaking Edition

Vinitaly, the international wine and spirits exhibition, is gearing up to inaugurate its 56th edition with an atmosphere of renewed enthusiasm and high expectations.

From April 14 to 17, 2024, Verona will become the beating heart of the wine world, welcoming producers, buyers, technicians, media, and opinion leaders.

Salon News

This year, Vinitaly stands out for an exhibition area of over 180,000 square meters and the presence of over 4,000 wineries. The 2024 edition promises to be a triumph of wine excellence and technological innovation, with particular attention to the diversity and quality of the products presented.

Scheduled Events

The event calendar is rich and varied, with meetings, tastings, and presentations that will take place over the four days of the fair.

Among the most anticipated events are presentations of studies on the socio-economic and cultural impact of the Italian wine industry and masterclasses with well-known international bartenders.

Marketing Strategies

For the 2024 edition, Vinitaly has adopted a global marketing strategy, aiming to increase attendance by 20% compared to the previous year and by 70% compared to two years ago.

A particular focus has been placed on increasing the participation of top international buyers, with a careful selection of operators from over 65 countries.

Market Trends

The wine market is dynamic and constantly evolving. Vinitaly 2024 positions itself as a catalyst for trends, offering insights into market trends, new European regulations, wine tourism, and consumer behavior.

Most Anticipated Wines

The most anticipated wines of Vinitaly 2024 have been selected by industry experts and include a variety of labels that promise to surprise enthusiasts and wine professionals. Among these, some of the wines to watch out for are:

  1. Marjan Simcic – Sauvignon Vert “Opoka” Ronc Zegla Cru Goriska Brda 2022
  2. This wine is known for its versatility at the table and comes from the Brda region, which is the natural continuation of Collio beyond the Slovenian border.
  3. Grand TastingExclusive tastings of selected wines that represent Italian excellence.
  4. Micro Mega WinesA section dedicated to niche productions in limited editions, highlighting high-quality wines from native and international grape varieties.
  5. International Wine HallGlobal tastings of wines from different producing countries that choose Vinitaly as their exhibition showcase.
  6. Mixology: A section focused on cocktails and the mixing of wines, spirits, and distillates following new international trends.

These are just a few examples of the numerous labels that will be presented during the event, each with its own story and philosophy to discover.

Distillery Sector Innovations

The innovations in the distillery sector presented at Vinitaly 2024 are particularly exciting.

The Mixology area has been confirmed as one of the focal points, with the participation of 155 producers, including well-known names such as Nonino, Castagner, Bonollo, and many others. This space is dedicated to the distilled spirits scene and offers a unique opportunity to discover the latest trends and innovations.

It is expected that the number of exhibitors may equal or surpass the numbers of the previous edition, which reached 332 exhibitors. This demonstrates a growing interest and a positive dynamic in the distillery sector, with a significant representation of national and international products.

Organic and Natural Wines

The 2024 edition of Vinitaly highlights a growing focus on organic and natural wines, with a dedicated thematic area called “Organic Hall”.

This year, the area will host one hundred companies that produce certified organic wine both in Italy and abroad.

Moreover, there are parallel events such as VinNatur Tasting and ViniVeri that enliven the Northeast during the week of Vinitaly, offering a showcase for organic, biodynamic, and natural artisan wine.

Vinitaly 2024 vini biologici Saci Project

Focus on the Exhibition Stands

The exhibition stands of the 2024 edition are heralded as true masterpieces of design and innovation.

Each exhibitor will have the opportunity to present their products in a context of excellence, developing new business opportunities and meeting potential clients both nationally and internationally.

With such a rich program and a targeted marketing strategy, Vinitaly 2024 is shaping up to be an unmissable event for all enthusiasts and professionals in the wine sector.

The appointment is in Verona, to celebrate together the passion for wine and discover the novelties that will characterize the market in the coming years.

Agricola Fratelli Tedeschi - Vinitaly 2024

Vinitaly 2024: Saci Project’s Innovation in the Stands of Tedeschiwines and Campagnola Spa

This year at Vinitaly, the excellence in the design of the exhibition stands is embodied by Saci Project, which has the pleasure of presenting the exhibition spaces for two giants of wine: Agricola Fratelli Tedeschi and, for the first time, Campagnola SPA.

Agricola Fratelli Tedeschi (Tedeschiwines), with a history of passion and quality dating back centuries, once again relies on the expertise of Saci Project to create an environment that reflects their heritage and innovation.

The Tedeschiwines stand is a tribute to the wine tradition, where every detail is designed to enhance the aromas and flavors of their fine wines.

Campagnola Spa, entering the family of Saci Project clients for the first time, confirms the choice of the same designer who has been accompanying their vision in the world of wine for 18 years. The experience and continuity in design translate into a stand that not only presents their products but also tells the story of a brand that is synonymous with excellence and dedication.

Campagnola Vinitaly 2024

Campagnola’s new visual communication, bold and captivating, has been the focus of attention, reflecting a renewed identity that stands out in the exhibition landscape. 

The art director of Saci Project, with his distinctive touch, has been able to interpret and transform the values and essence of Campagnola into a visual language that speaks directly to the hearts of visitors.

The interaction between the innovative design of Saci Project’s stands and Campagnola’s new communication has created a unique atmosphere, where every element contributes to telling a coherent and fascinating story. 

This synergy has given life to an exhibition space that not only presents Campagnola’s products but also enhances their evolution and aspiration to excel even more.

Vinitaly 2024 thus becomes the ideal platform to witness the presence of Campagnola, a brand that, while remaining true to its roots, projects itself towards the future. A renewed vision and a language that speaks to the new generations of wine enthusiasts.

Saci Project’s stands at Vinitaly 2024 are more than just exhibition spaces. 

They are immersive narratives that invite visitors on a sensory journey through the culture of wine. 

Come and discover how innovation in design can elevate the wine experience to new heights.

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