Marketing trends 2021

Marketing trends 2021

Marketing trends: what will happen in 2021

What will be the marketing trends for 2021

We are leaving behind a 2020 that has placed a great challenge on everyone’s path: the change.
Quality of human relationships, digitalization and marketing resilience were the fallout from this crisis that has shown unexpected implications. While it has proved to be an opportunity to live new forms of relationship, learn new skills and decline innovative skills, on the other hand it has zeroed out all consolidated know-how and leadership by imposing the resilience of marketing. Companies have been called upon to rethink their production and strategic efforts according to three principles: understanding the new market and the logic of competition, adapting to the changing needs of their audience and trend, redefining the growth and strategies of their organization.
2021 must continue along this path where the future will be defined by consolidation in change and innovation.

Trends for the New Year

Digital transformation, sustainability, new ways of communicating. These are just some of the trending protagonists in 2021.
If 2020 saw the dawn of a decisive digital transformation, in 2021 the benefits of digitalization will open up new scenarios where companies can establish deep relationships with their customers, in a multi-channel flow and increasingly customized to specific individual needs.

Sustainability, an objective that we have always been pursuing, is now being implemented in the growing transition from linear to circular economy. Increasingly efficient production processes with reduced environmental impact, together with a deeper attention and awareness of our habitat will allow us to build and live new environments.

Innovative frontiers of communication will focus on increasing connectivity and immersion, to give new exciting virtual stories. The bonds and small daily situations take on a new importance, stimulating relationships between the company and the target according to conversational marketing models now consolidated with instant messaging.

Saci Project will be by your side in this new year. Continue below with our best digital communication proposals.

virtual tour 360° - oculus

Virtual tour: your 360° experience

Move within virtual paths. Visit a new place or faraway while sitting comfortably in an armchair. Get excited thanks to highly immersive images.
This is the Virtual Tour, the innovative digital marketing tool that, using 360° panoramic photographs, allows you to experience any reality, from the event, to the exploration of a structure of interest, up to the virtual visit of museums or  Virtual Museum.

All the benefits of a Virtual Tour

Virtual Tours are simple, intuitive, accessible to everyone. They can easily find their space within your website and also within printed pages thanks to the use of special  QR Code  for a truly integrated business communication.
Accessible from every device, completely responsive, your company and your product, will always be reachable and interactive. The visual will be so realistic that it transports the user into environments where aesthetics and information will create a new way of providing content and experiencing UX.

The Virtual Tour by Saci Project

The Virtual Tours proposed by Saci Project, are not only simple virtual paths, but real personalized experiences on corporate, highly immersive and training tasks that focus on the most important target: your customer. Along the way, interactive hotspots will allow you to interact with your surroundings by providing all the useful information to the user thanks to the intuitive and responsive interface.
Fully customize your virtual tour thanks to the Saci Project team that will follow you throughout the design process, from setting goals to achieving content and promoting your brand.

Networking BtoB

Virtual Event & More: meet me in a virtual environment.

An environment where time and space take on a new meaning. Where advanced technologies and ease of use work in synergy. Where emotion is the starting point and arrival point. Meet me here, in a Saci Project virtual space.

Virtual Event & More: meeting room, auditorium and online chat.

Organizing a virtual event is the ideal solution to reach more people and make them live an evolutionary experience. Meeting room, Auditorium, online chat are just some of the UX meeting tools that will allow the user to know your product, ask questions to the remotely connected staff, interact with speakers and attendees and have a support team always available.

Because the goal is: to meet in a safe and highly innovative space where business opportunities are encouraged by personalized and branded environments, dedicated one-to-many presentations and
private videoconferencing rooms where you can communicate in total privacy.
Just like inside your offices or during events in presence, there will be content, videos, brochures and gadgets always just a click away.
From today your company will be reachable from any desk around the world thanks to the Virtual Event & More Platform by Saci Project.

Build your digital event on the platform with Saci Project.

Starting from your goal, Saci Project will create the virtual environment that you have always wanted for your events and for your networking, managed also independently directly by you.

Fully customizable and enhanced with the most advanced technology, your Virtual Event will truly be a unique and repeatable experience where brand awareness will be enhanced and recognized by all participants.

Saci Project will always be at your side at every stage of the design, organization and realization of the digital environment.

“Whatever you dream of undertaking, start it. Audacity has genius, power, magic. ” (Goethe)

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