Vinitaly 2022

Vinitaly 2022

Vinitaly 2022: A Toast to the Future of Wine

The 54th edition of Vinitaly presented an unmissable opportunity for the wine industry. With 4,400 participating companies from 19 countries and a series of events that captured the attention of professionals and enthusiasts, Vinitaly reaffirmed its role as a leader among international wine fairs.

Vinitaly 2022: A Chalice of Innovation and Tradition

The event provided an exclusive platform to explore the latest market trends, with a particular focus on mixology, orange wines, and green wines, reflecting an ever-evolving industry. The presence of international buyers and the quality of delegations underscored the fair’s importance and attractiveness, highlighting its global orientation and ability to attract investments in new technologies.

One of the events that generated significant interest during the 2022 edition of Vinitaly was the historic record of foreign buyer participation. The event saw 25,000 foreign operators from 139 countries, constituting 28% of the total attendees. This remarkable outcome is especially noteworthy considering the limitations on international travel due to the pandemic.

Additionally, there was a significant focus on masterclasses and walk-around tastings at the Orange Wine Festival. These events offered a fresh perspective on orange wines and emerging trends in the wine industry. Participants had the opportunity to explore and deepen their knowledge of unique and niche wines, contributing to the definition of new flavor directions and wine production practices.

Vinitaly 2022 dedicated special attention to innovation, with thematic areas such as Vinitaly Bio and Enolitech, as well as masterclasses on topics like non-alcoholic mixing and new blended beverages. These meetings provided insights and debates on crucial industry themes, such as sustainability and the evolution of consumer tastes.

In terms of economic prospects, the Italian wine sector faced a mixed 2022, but closed the year with a new export record, despite a decline in volume sales in large-scale retail. For 2023, the industry is preparing for a year filled with uncertainties, but also new growth opportunities.

With these premises, Vinitaly reaffirms its role not only as a meeting point for wine professionals and enthusiasts, but also as a barometer for future trends and challenges in the wine sector. The next event is eagerly anticipated, promising to be even richer and focused on innovation and sustainability.

Innovation and Design: The Heart of Vinitaly 2022 Setups

Innovation extended beyond wine products to the design of booth setups at Vinitaly 2022, capturing attention for their blend of elegance, sustainability, and interactivity.

Vinitaly continues to evolve, reflecting the dynamic landscape of the wine industry.

Elegance and Innovation: Some booths stood out for their elegant and innovative design, bold colors, and enveloping curtains that created an atmosphere of protection and preservation.

Sustainability: Sustainability was a key theme, with booths highlighting natural materials and an eco-friendly approach.

Structured Architecture: Architectural complexity was another highlight, with booths structured in blocks that offered a unique visual experience and facilitated interaction with international buyers.

Interactivity: Interactivity was encouraged through impromptu installations and spaces inviting passersby to actively engage.

Vinitaly 2022 | Saci Project allestimento stand Tedeschiwines

SACI Project: Elegance and Tradition in Service of Agricola Fratelli Tedeschi

The setup by Agricola Fratelli Tedeschi at Vinitaly 2022, curated by SACI Project, exemplified design and elegance. The project aimed to create a welcoming and innovative space that reflected the tradition and identity of the Tedeschi Wines brand. Attention to detail and the use of quality materials enhanced the Valpolicella wines, presented in an environment inviting tasting and exploration of different vintages. This setup served as a convergence of history and innovation, offering visitors an immersive experience in the world of Tedeschi Wines.

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