To each brand
It’s own place.

Saci Project has its roots in the ecosystem of fair services and exhibition spaces, in the passionate study of design where functionality and aesthetics complement each other. The search for suitable solutions to enhance the product, sustainability and constant sensitivity for innovation in all its forms, both technological and conceptual, are the values on which we base our design and construction service for both real and virtual spaces.

Thus was born the Virtual Event & More project, an immersive place where your reality finds a new expression, a new functional, aesthetic and creative language designed for a constantly evolving world with high digitization. The digital world revolutionizes the concept of space and time by providing new horizons of communication.

Whether they are real or virtual environments, for us the goal is simple: the satisfaction of our customers and the emotion of yours, when they enter a Saci Project environment for the first time.

For the design of stands, our service includes all the necessary actions to make your exhibition space memorable, emotional, engaging: from the design phase – the creative spark – to engineering, from rental to construction to assembly, from the management of your product, up to the delivery of the finished stand. Our extensive experience in the construction of stands for both national and international fairs allows us to satisfy all needs related to the trade fair world. From forms to printing systems, from transport and delivery of exhibition material to the fair, to the rental of design furniture, special effects and equipment. Saci Project will support you in every step to guarantee you a successful result.

For the creation of virtual solutions, immersive environments and augmented reality, our constant research in innovation, digital networking and the consolidated partnership with cutting-edge digital start-ups allows us to provide both different and complementary services.

Supporting companies in their personal path of growth and digital innovation represent our mission in a landscape where offers and solutions often confuse and disorient. We provide professional services to companies thanks to specialized sectoral teams.

The magic, the potential of the virtual world can coexist with the concreteness of the purposes that are the basis of a synergy of efficiency. In the virtual world, your brand is your business.


The planning of an exhibition stand has as its value the correct ability to manage the space available and it aims to enhance the product and its functions, within a predefined space. For this, we use an internal team of architects and designers who will communicate your product in a dedicated space. Our professionals will also manage all layout requests by organizing and optimizing the physical space, always keeping in mind the lines of movement of visitors and the ergonomic needs of the spaces dedicated to the exhibitor. The Saci Project team will create customized projects with an innovative design that will enhance your company.


Realization and planning are two synergistic moments that complement each other and go beyond simple coordination. The construction of the Saci Project stands is always carried out by highly specialized artisans who do not neglect any detail of the delicate construction and assembly of the stand. The timing of assembly and disassembly, the logistical activities of loading and unloading, the ergonomics inside the exhibition halls, the seasonality of the event, are just some of the conditions that both our designers and our craftsmen always carefully evaluate to make your space an aesthetically functional, personal and visually striking place.

Ledwall e Video Produzioni.

The rental and installation of multimedia audio-video systems are one of our fields of specialization. In Italy and Europe, we offer a wide range of technological services, such as professional videos for setting up exhibition stands, for shops, events, exhibitions, conferences. Where strong and cutting-edge communication is required Saci Project intervenes with the right technology to support your business communication. Enter the future with us.

Event & more.

Immerse yourself in a world where reality and imagination meet and give life to virtual spaces with digitized environments, where the main point is your product. An idea born from the need to be able to share the experience in events in an alternative way, even from the comfort of your office. Cutting-edge technology that enhances your product and your brand. The future has never been so present.


Highly innovative tools make your virtual experience even more immersive. An example is video mapping, a suggestive experiential marketing technique, where the focus is the image, in both 2D and 3D, and which will make your event truly unforgettable. Another tool not to be underestimated is the creation of videos in 2D or 3D animations, where your company will be told in a different light. For each virtual experience, its technology


Technology at the service of culture and art. Entirely dedicated to the museum world, the Virtual Museum service aims to create digital spaces dedicated to exhibition and museography to create a virtual place, but which leaves tangible emotions.


If the virtual fair is a future that has now become reality, human interaction will never stop being at the center of this type of innovative experience. Guided by a hostess connected remotely, the user will be guided inside the virtual fair just like in a traditional event, but with the possibility of easily accessing all the information related to the product, thanks to the multimedia and interactive material that will always be just a click away. The consumer will also be able to participate in webinars by interacting with all subscribers or, if they prefer, can converse privately with the company thanks to private virtual rooms. An absolutely innovative virtual experience where even if you do not shake your customer’s hand, you will come into direct contact with him.


Le piattaforme digitali sono strumenti o meglio infrastrutture digitali in grado di integrare e connettere tra loro diversi sistemi tecnologici, software, applicazioni e ambienti con lo scopo di creare attraverso l’integrazione dei media, contenuti e servizi disponibili per chiunque possa raggiungerli attraverso un dispositivo. Le piattaforme digitali posso essere “open source” o commerciali, liberamente accessibili oppure dedicate ad un target specifico che può accedere previa registrazione. Le funzionalità che possono ospitare vanno dagli ambienti adatti all’apprendimento virtuale,  alla formazione in modalità e-learning, agli ambienti di lavoro, management, ricerca, fino alla creazione di ambienti strutturati su livelli differenziati di accesso e di fruizione dei contenuti. Vieni a scoprire la migliore soluzione per il tuo business.